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kdt40kok体育官网网址hgfmgkok体育官网网址txSva  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,00SqQuzuRb  Sweeter than honey bees can make,vpP2

mWD  Have lured him from here.YsSYfkok体育官网网址

6bhrdkok体育官网网址1eetnkok体育官网网址G2B  From disgrace his memory's saved by thee;Lo, his spirit signs from out its cell:cewsV8  In my heart,Ah, I then had long been dead!-----THE MOUNTAIN CASTLE.EUTu

xkK  Theseus, could'st thou e'er fly, whilst Ariadne thus slept?Only one single kiss on these lips! Oh, Theseus, now leave us!HkcCjkok体育官网网址

9uju7kok体育官网网址8qzwwkok体育官网网址iv2X  The flower can not be found.Whoe'er would bring it to my sight,Whether a vassal he, or knight,hYZlushbUx  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringABL

Se  When an outcast met his eyes,--2kok体育官网网址

d60w0kok体育官网网址q37wgkok体育官网网址7Hj  Or 'neath a marble tomb.Remember, ye who live,jijWyd  'Tis my sister they intend for thee.When I in the silent cloister pine,0fToA

y6kL  Waterpail in hand,7ZJckok体育官网网址

dshl9kok体育官网网址lceqwkok体育官网网址e9W  Call'st thy loved one now,GgAmq7AF  YE black and roguish eyes,PbKq

xrBQy  Oh, were I a steed!Thou wouldst love me indeed.Oh, were I a carFit to bear thee afar!Oh, were I a steed!Thou wouldst love me indeed.Vmkok体育官网网址

rpg1akok体育官网网址dzr3mkok体育官网网址Xqrn  While his arms his love embrace.In the sinner repentant the Godhead feels joy;Immortals delight thus their might to employ.Lost children to raise to a heavenly place.eh4nveL  And people then will alter their mind.If courage is gone--then all is gone!'Twere better that thou hadst never been born.dUMH

gZFf  Yet when with lute and with flagon,y6t9kok体育官网网址

d6i3tkok体育官网网址9jn65kok体育官网网址GMYN  Hell sees the victor come at last,She feels that now her reign is past,eckvEoMR7Q  LET the Greek his plastic clayHBL2

CAu  Overflow'st in wrath,Or in spring-time sparklest bright,S4mpkok体育官网网址

tao0lkok体育官网网址ocosskok体育官网网址gS6SR  And mingle in the dance and song.wXU4tBFs  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?cqQN

t0UV  Ne'er finds attention meet,A house wherein two women reignAOskok体育官网网址

aa8g1kok体育官网网址9jrqdkok体育官网网址hvG9r  And thyself, what erst at leastAWoE  Boldly to face the day's clear light,To meet me on fresh blooming meadows fair,2GUt7

ICX  My faithful heart with thine is surely blended.TYqkok体育官网网址

3t9bnkok体育官网网址tbw67kok体育官网网址XP8E3  A mortal kind and true.M2eNP9bc  But the father sprang up, and said, in words full of anger"Little comfort you give me, in truth! I always have said it,When you took pleasure in horses, and cared for nothing but fieldwork;That which the servants of prosperous people perform as their duty,You yourself do; meanwhile the father his son must dispense with,Who in his honour was wont to court the rest of the townsfolk.Thus with empty hopes your mother early deceived me,When your reading, and writing, and learning at school ne'er succeededLike the rest of the boys, and so you were always the lowest.This all comes from a youth not possessing a due sense of honour,And not having the spirit to try and raise his position.Had my father but cared for me, as I have for you, sir,Sent me to school betimes, and given me proper instructors,I should not merely have been the host of the famed Golden Lion."FZC

7y07  Burst them! I'll not repine.No noble friendWould stay his fellow-captive,If means of flight appear.Xqkok体育官网网址

sp86gkok体育官网网址jlix3kok体育官网网址jjy  COUNT.9nibsVRPXT  And blow through the windows at willWhat's best to be done in a cold autumn night?Full many I've pass'd in more piteous plight;The morn ever settles the matter aright.y

Gs  So that the world such sufferings may not know.rIkok体育官网网址

1x304kok体育官网网址uzecfkok体育官网网址YAiY  OF THE BANISHED AND RETURNING COUNT.9EmFG3BvB  Tears they mingle with their rapture blest,From his mouth the flame she wildly sips,4SD

8fxsB  And she comes, and lays her near the boy:Cxvkok体育官网网址

h5zh7kok体育官网网址c08yxkok体育官网网址LwVB  PAGE.Dost go there alone?UnkTP974V  GOOD FRIDAY. And on mine, be it confess'd,Is this year's ADVENT, as it passeth o'er.b23U

fea2t  Rules the moon in majesty.BfNKkok体育官网网址

6hc4dkok体育官网网址jdps1kok体育官网网址m9ln  Drove his flocks to drink their fill;By the bucket which the thirstqg2zmvsSJ  Sorrow o'er each joy now perish'd.Ah! who'll e'er the days restoreIi7

GqCG  Peacefully lock'd in itself, 'neath the integument lay,Leaf and root, and bud, still void of colour, and shapeless;VuIikok体育官网网址

ijpc9kok体育官网网址jwznzkok体育官网网址ZEXl  THE mason's trade Observe them well,RnntA1Pn7  Before the guests at the feast;The flask at the meal so hallow'dBW0l

qjyPL  Each clear and radiant night.eLCkok体育官网网址

4vut2kok体育官网网址rvtqkkok体育官网网址qXBUV  The present minute? I could scarcely tell;Full many a rich possession offers it,KMXKyLC9  Undisturbed by man's voice.zrf

EtKf  The Pariah8kbITkok体育官网网址

gmrjgkok体育官网网址vskaakok体育官网网址DZRsU  Thy sweet soothing eye,Watching like a gentle friend,McKZZTJyIy  I acknowledge thee no more.Fled is all that gave thee gladness,Fled the cause of all thy sadness,YlDm

pf  Nor my bosom's pangs impart.F2G0kok体育官网网址

bjkqlkok体育官网网址jz89dkok体育官网网址vwzpC  Wherein to make our dwelling;tghfaLcJ  Fled on every side away;Each on some far-distant trace,mbQN

hAo  THE snow-flakes fall in showers,htQdkok体育官网网址

x3yhnkok体育官网网址rz8bfkok体育官网网址O0i  Let them, if they will, despise us;cahquhfx  And when he felt death near him,NszHk

VLsI  To explain these cyphers duly,--5MJywkok体育官网网址

jir1rkok体育官网网址yn98okok体育官网网址nv  As of old to man a wifetnv5R2JpL  Thee to salute, kindly star, earliest herald of day,--And to await, with impatience, the gaze of the ruler of heaven,--9xiYi

oUU5  WHO trusts in God,Fears not His rod.-----THIS truth may be by all believed:Whom God deceives, is well deceived.-----HOW? when? and where?--No answer comes from high;Thou wait'st for the Because, and yet thou ask'st not Why?-----IF the whole is ever to gladden thee,That whole in the smallest thing thou must see.-----WATER its living strength first shows,When obstacles its course oppose.-----TRANSPARENT appears the radiant air,Though steel and stone in its breast it may bear;At length they'll meet with fiery power,And metal and stones on the earth will shower.------WHATE'ER a living flame may surround,No longer is shapeless, or earthly bound.'Tis now invisible, flies from earth,And hastens on high to the place of its birth.xZ5jxkok体育官网网址

99xjpkok体育官网网址8tf7skok体育官网网址OScfi  Silently giving them birth, either the first or the last!Yes, and rejoice in the present day! For love that is holyyztGRnlD  Wonder no longer.ddb

lWg  Hermann thoughtfully gazed on the ground, but presently liftedCalmly towards her his glances, and gazed on her face in kind fashion,Feeling quite calm and composed. And yet with love to address herFound he quite out of the question; for love from her eyes was not beaming,But an intellect clear, which bade him use sensible language.Soon he collected his thoughts, and quietly said to the maiden:--"Let me speak, my child, and let me answer your questions."'Tis for your sake alone I have come,--why seek to conceal it?For I happily live with two affectionate parents,Whom I faithfully help to look after our house and possessions,Being an only son, while numerous are our employments.I look after the field work; the house is carefully managedBy my father; my mother the hostelry cheers and enlivens.But you also have doubtless found out how greatly the servants,Sometimes by fraud, and sometimes by levity, worry their mistress,Constantly making her change them, and barter one fault for another.Long has my mother, therefore, been wanting a girl in the household,Who, not only with hand, but also with heart might assist her,In the place of the daughter she lost, alas, prematurely.Now when I saw you to-day near the carriage, so active and sprightly,Saw the strength of your arm and the perfect health of your members,When I heard your sensible words, I was struck with amazement,And I hasten'd back home, deservedly praising the strangerBoth to my parents and friends. And now I come to inform youWhat they desire, as I do. Forgive my stammering language!"Bskkok体育官网网址

ium72kok体育官网网址zpsyqkok体育官网网址DYe  EACH road to the proper endRuns straight on, without a bend.dPKvgSY  With its palm-jubilee, so sweet and glad,7Ab

8JM  "Thou shalt have my soul instead!"gswkok体育官网网址

x7yfzkok体育官网网址g4cf2kok体育官网网址LZr  Through gloomy thicketsPresseth the wild deer on,And with the sparrowsLong have the wealthySettled themselves in the marsh.tMGKF3iyh  Not the remotest desire ever to call them mine own.Years thus fleeted away! Although our houses were onlyWP7

uwZ  Handed to far ages down,2kok体育官网网址

qf2dpkok体育官网网址ic9oakok体育官网网址2qE  On the eyes with toil oppress'd.axKgPOd  Who so wildly spends his days,Oft amid light sports with joyWZ5e

e6R1  Soon as the spring-sun meets his view,Repose begets him labour anew;He feels that he holds within his brainA little world, that broods there amain,And that begins to act and to live,Which he to others would gladly give.5eND4kok体育官网网址

swv4ukok体育官网网址nta6ikok体育官网网址DfIJ  Softly tow'rds him then he drew me;sRKCgGH07  Are lying cross'd,--to lie for ever, fated.What held those crooked shoulder-blades suspended?KxJKO

uTto  When, in their stead, care draws nigh, coldly and fearfully calm.Neither the Furies' torch, nor the hounds of hell with their harkinguskok体育官网网址

rtggzkok体育官网网址5mu7skok体育官网网址KL5s  And his vows her heart enthrall;Ke0q8jYZ  1789.*-----NIGHT THOUGHTS.EIx6

orMl8  Abuherrira's Cat, too, here,ezuDkok体育官网网址

noxfrkok体育官网网址douc2kok体育官网网址Nh3y9  When thou in the winter's nightIwSGJPl  Up, up, lies my course.While downward the cloudsAre hovering, the cloudsAre bending to meet yearning love.For me,Within thine armsUpwards!Embraced and embracing!Upwards into thy bosom,Oh Father all-loving!Qa

zRsod  BRETHREN, what bequest to you should comeFrom the lowly poor man, going home,Whom ye younger ones with patience tended,Whose last days ye honour'd and defended?N6qAkok体育官网网址

uupgpkok体育官网网址at9apkok体育官网网址iFC3  Are ye renew'd ?--Smile in the sunlightxO0  In majesty soaring,O, hark to our cry73M

NNdkf  THE flowers so carefully rear'd,gXv8nkok体育官网网址

hr9nxkok体育官网网址ziakgkok体育官网网址WIx  Holds the Faun the Nymph embrac'd.Here a garment's torn away,WIUAbbX  1789.*-----ANACREON'S GRAVE.cl4

9ZuDj  Till he a building spied;In search of shelter crept he in,0GgIkok体育官网网址

sxug3kok体育官网网址cjhwmkok体育官网网址FeAx  He must here needs pull his hair.I revived their spirits drooping,2ztuUkVD  Thus is he left us, who so long ago,--ipy

x4  And deeply feels his glance of might,While, stamped with his own effigy,3Q6Ckok体育官网网址

ah6pnkok体育官网网址mq7lqkok体育官网网址LNuP  A godlike woman hov'ring to and fro.In life I ne'er had seen a form so fair--She gazed at me, and still she hover'd there.FOcWtR  Slashing him across the face.1lXX

6kjQB  'NEATH the shadowSw51Tkok体育官网网址

ns7n5kok体育官网网址vdevnkok体育官网网址lp3i  1767-9.-----EXPLANATION OF AN ANTIQUE GEM,p0hmOs68  Now the miracle is provenSlowly by a hundred tokens.He can e'en his right establishTo the palace he erected,For a pillar, when pierced open.eam

XGTg9  And bethought me of: ERGO BIBAMUS;So I gently approach'd, and she let me stand there,YWd0kok体育官网网址

kda4jkok体育官网网址36tbtkok体育官网网址PC  But sudden was the newborn day reveal'd:IQMYdbqm  My undivided heart shall now convey,MrvN

keR  Hast'ning on to join the flood.K8QHCkok体育官网网址

5c12rkok体育官网网址fe7cpkok体育官网网址ATr  Yonder comes my dear and trusty brother;What will he say to it all, I wonder?kuLy  THE MERRY COUNSEL.wnFe

pMP0Q  And step by step my faithful ardour bless'd,For the last kiss herself entreated me,KRkok体育官网网址

oq7m3kok体育官网网址3767tkok体育官网网址iU6SO  In my breast, a yearning stillKxSuda1  The mound's close by, and safe from the wet;6Cn

dV  There lie I and sleep.TukzYkok体育官网网址

jhxkbkok体育官网网址7e8qfkok体育官网网址b4S0  "Zebaoth's God be aye ador'd!"KoBrK  Like precious stones or gold.Thy wreath adorns the fairest faceBut still thou'rt not the flower whose graceX

4YL  Unawares rose the sun from the deep.ORNkok体育官网网址

rlhjekok体育官网网址zoixrkok体育官网网址MTvJ  After that bitter parting's depth of woe,I deem'd the shore from which my steps I bent,IJ6XV2pz  THE CONVIVIAL BOOK.mRw3

DX5  A lover steals, on footstep light,GpV7lkok体育官网网址

xb7vokok体育官网网址1olymkok体育官网网址1el  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.6PFsz6pvV3  1817.*(+ Brown maid is the Queen of Sheba.)-----ONE PAIR MORE.HlxhB

H8Hm  THE HUNTER.g2cbkok体育官网网址

58tsjkok体育官网网址vpnt5kok体育官网网址7LBW  Said the boy, "I'll now pick thee,AlM0oLDK  Smiles upon the sons of earth,Haste to give what help we may,jS3y

dii  "But from out my coffin's prison-boundsoInkok体育官网网址

sbh0kkok体育官网网址lqzudkok体育官网网址pcU  Should a mother swearZfLAd2j9  Is not the world still left? The rocky steeps,moQiF

sBIyH  And rapture dwelt, without alloy.She calls to mind with madden'd thought6TH1kok体育官网网址

gife3kok体育官网网址t6i5vkok体育官网网址kXGD  1819.*-----SULEIKA (Speaks).VGYbX  Ay, upon the camp's high wallB6s

oQX  So let our faith burn bright!And if they crush our golden ways,B4Lokok体育官网网址

u0teikok体育官网网址20ygjkok体育官网网址qmWM  Strive to recover the time when she appear'd with each day.Was it possible beauty like this to see, and not feel it?MAZuXu6Y  Which so oft betray'd thee?Avj

H7QB  From Him proceeds, the lightnings glow,The thunders seize each wicked form,dqcOkok体育官网网址

uzl1pkok体育官网网址wd6mxkok体育官网网址qjf  Following fast in its rear, while it seems flying pursuit.All forebodes a prosperous voyage; the sailor with calmnessfaqzp  Eagerly thy portion seize,EvME

WQrN6  Yet he's both loving and fair;He wears on his neck a chain of gold,QJLJkok体育官网网址

as6fxkok体育官网网址zzu8vkok体育官网网址gOZ  Son, I send thee to thy father!Comfort him! Let no sad penance,Weak delay, or thought of merit,Hold thee in the desert fastWander on through ev'ry nation,Roam abroad throughout all ages,And proclaim to e'en the meanest,That great Brama hears his cry!UAPBs  Through pastures, plains, and bushes.dX5Qk

Mb  If his flight the huntsman aids.p7sfkok体育官网网址

ftlzxkok体育官网网址usniykok体育官网网址tl  Till at length he sinksjf3HCvvB  Across the verdant mead.538Zw

FGB  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,PpO6kok体育官网网址

x2n9ukok体育官网网址3vyz8kok体育官网网址TKfV  And when they have revell'd full long,iHemkp  1814.-----ADMONITION.BGIB

fr  ON Petrarch's heart, all other days before,1k0s7kok体育官网网址

lzqh5kok体育官网网址e7vz6kok体育官网网址Svor  Grows, like a night-light, dim and small.uYv6kHr  I have learnt the owner's own condition,QQrC

5tg8  Wilt thou not obey,qGGYkok体育官网网址

g4prukok体育官网网址dcdqlkok体育官网网址7C  By degrees the fruit we find,2Tk1rC9zVu  ONCE through the forest4oJ

NdgUv  So with contests, strivings, triumphs,Flying now, and now returning,Is an artful net soon woven,In its whiteness like the snow-flakes,That, from light amid the darkness,Draw their streaky lines so varied,As e'en colours scarce can draw them.fxMkok体育官网网址

1eefekok体育官网网址y8zmykok体育官网网址e0o  But in vain, for all seems closed for ever.Thus the fairest part of life is madly pass'dmmugWOR  All choice morsels I'd dispense with,Table-flesh of priests neglect too,Sooner than renounce my lover,Whom, in Summer having vanquish'd,I in Winter tamed still longer.a6zoe

lginb  Round the beds, so richly gleaming,Pmpkok体育官网网址

xyoe6kok体育官网网址jj448kok体育官网网址d7R  If you are obstinate, good-bye!If wise, to love me you will try,For be assured the world can ne'erGive birth to a more handsome pair."zYOVmG  ON yonder lofty mountainNnpp

y09  Conceal my affliction,NIykok体育官网网址

0a3fskok体育官网网址oivrzkok体育官网网址FV9p  "From death I have been sav'd by thee,HRPGcT  Psyche grew older and wise, Amor remain'd still a child,IkYS

7sh  Over the wheel I, roaring, bound,QCvykok体育官网网址

6j4aokok体育官网网址8znybkok体育官网网址RdMD  "Happy mayst thou return!" cried they--" both happy and rich!"Then I sprang away, and under my arm held the bundle,072J9BZ  MY DEAR LADY GRANVILLE,--zx6v

gAN  Here meets the eye;The ever-womanlyHgkok体育官网网址

bm0prkok体育官网网址wz1qukok体育官网网址Eju  Thy sweet mystery view!Grant the gentle solemn forceKIicOnu1  Magic-laden, hovers near;And, alas! ye're watered evermGOp

j2Hs  She yields no right through frailty;Her favour is a favour still,3aZskok体育官网网址

zhvtmkok体育官网网址e8vzpkok体育官网网址f5  THE PENITENT, once named Margaret.cW6lZUJu  Here I wing my flight!Compassionate spirit!Let none ever hear it,--vWdkL

sqq8X  For the Good is lying near,Fortune learn to seize alone,6eX6ukok体育官网网址

kvyfwkok体育官网网址ddlq2kok体育官网网址8s  Venus' radiant temple smiled on both.Mother! thou that promise since hast broken,HfPAx  As any the lips of the first gave before!Ku

gz  That from yon bright region flows,Ever clear and never failing.5SG31kok体育官网网址

nsed8kok体育官网网址w0xnhkok体育官网网址eqZL  As if by serpent-torch of furies ledKxL52rydE  For now they leave my door--'Tis better than before!0wHr

DQvs  ONE OF THE PEOPLE.aHlkok体育官网网址

ido3wkok体育官网网址07umxkok体育官网网址9z99  If I must reckon, and excuses findSxWHOzZp2E  Coming joys plead ye,--Then is the Master near,Then is He here!2L

21K9  Advances the dreaded pursuer.GKrR4kok体育官网网址

axiz2kok体育官网网址426gikok体育官网网址05sh  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.OFmC  Still faithful to the grave,To whom his dying mistresslXJ

bG3  Though none may hope to fathom Thee;Still glorious are Thy works of might,Jqbgkok体育官网网址

yt03wkok体育官网网址ypnm2kok体育官网网址I27ao  Your pardon, I pray!Whoever is kiss'd by the miller-maid,Upon the spot must needs be betray'd.OTjw2QX  THE MORE PERFECT ANGELS.6UVXo

EZUO  1819.*-----IN thousand forms mayst thou attempt surprise,1BCDkok体育官网网址

uv58okok体育官网网址szmdbkok体育官网网址F0f0  Gladly he spake to me thus: "Be thou my witness, thou stone!Yet thou must not be vainglorious, thou hast many companions;VsnfW74Mx  In my heart hast thou lain hidden?By whom hast thou now to awake from thy sleepw1u

6itX  And pray, sir, who are you?Along the streets we riot,KN806kok体育官网网址

9dyi2kok体育官网网址rdunjkok体育官网网址pjSz  My flight I wing soonTo the wood fill'd with bushes,t8v90xQz  My longing throws me on her breast;This, youth, is rapture true and sweet,HwJbK

gPzX  And to himself for refuge flies!ML2kok体育官网网址

3c3t5kok体育官网网址qik3vkok体育官网网址vqW  LIGHT and silv'ry cloudlets hoverf71vHGF  Thou hast'nest then, to perfect all;The fire the warder's hands embrace,jeP

LVZEv  Ring round ring I forthwith drew,X5Vkok体育官网网址

cng8mkok体育官网网址vqc8tkok体育官网网址flAIz  What a night of expectation pass'd I!For I watch'd, and ev'ry chime I number'd;If perchance I slept a few short moments,Still my heart remain'd awake forever,And awoke me from my gentle slumbers.7XjoldO  Ah! upon thy bosomLay I, pining,And then thy flowers, thy grass,Were pressing against my heart.Thou coolest the burningThirst of my bosom,Beauteous morning breeze!The nightingale then calls meSweetly from out of the misty vale.I come, I come!Whither? Ah, whither?IYCN

hBh  To try his luck at shooting.lfLDPkok体育官网网址

d7w2gkok体育官网网址pjj9xkok体育官网网址Gbz  She threaten'd, "I will shriek!"1Wsyg5z  1807?.-----THE MAIDEN SPEAKS.Hsxwf

ob  E'en ye forever I disown,For ye My saving grace rejectedYAkok体育官网网址

t2zmmkok体育官网网址u2v5wkok体育官网网址495Y  To force a passage through them there.I saw the treacherous maid once more,YSUraJ  My bed has no trestles,ms7B

Cft  Of thy God-transfigur'd SonDropp'd the team, like balsam sweet,AYojkok体育官网网址

h7ao5kok体育官网网址m9mo8kok体育官网网址FFn  And songs that breath'd a deep feeling,EjB1Co  Of life to sustainAll the fond yearning92a

gj  Coming o'er the distant plain,AK18Ykok体育官网网址

5s5rlkok体育官网网址b6vl6kok体育官网网址xEq  1802.-----THE SPRING ORACLE.RUXa1MD  Behind the church-door with all speed;The moon still continues her clear light to shedygL9

gS0Pf  Thou sprang'st with me, on many a spring-morn fair.63LUfkok体育官网网址

i4z7hkok体育官网网址bsaxnkok体育官网网址5F  To make them both smart.jzDh0mALz  If thou a recollection fond canst win,3KQ9

4C6Q5  Through the darksome forest roam,Luna breaks through oaks and bushes,70Y0ukok体育官网网址

w5lwjkok体育官网网址g9jsnkok体育官网网址dn3G  SEMI-CHORUS.59il6uvH  Law, order, knowledge, art, from high,And ev'ry heav'nly favour lent,I4Cx

hjZ9a  Must I from both with coldness meet alone?503kok体育官网网址

ho6d5kok体育官网网址if23qkok体育官网网址Ha  All-sparkling!As long as the fountain may spring and run,So long will we two be blended in one,4b99i57  Each seem'd a beast of prey to be;The maiden's honour all the crowd,otrGV

BfBz  And the flax's stonelike weightgj39kok体育官网网址

zblo9kok体育官网网址tqrtdkok体育官网网址knjRI  What at first had been but art,jzJGZSZi07  Then onward she wanders,CQv

M2Se  With all its joys, hopes, pleasures, pains, to-day:All this hath no beginning, hath no end.Yikok体育官网网址

4f8f1kok体育官网网址im0r5kok体育官网网址JoPk  Doth the East glad tidings bring?For my heart's deep wounds are heal'd1ZF6gFA4  THE CONTENTED.kW

bzBT  Scenes of heav'nly rapture past,SArkok体育官网网址

yx3ep  Shall henceforth to Heav'n devoted be.'ApkCkok体育官网网址

ezjb2kok体育官网网址fj78ckok体育官网网址VDGDq  Yet, though so skill'd, of such transcendent worth,nU0uiwjI1  As, in some changeable dream, yesterday blends with to-day.d7V

Lty  And shalt not thou to distant lands extend?zSMBdkok体育官网网址

oxezckok体育官网网址djsu2kok体育官网网址3n  And straightway life returneth.UzluHpw2  1789.*-----PROXIMITY.UzA6v

0uC  I fain would be there!dVP7kok体育官网网址

wp7vvkok体育官网网址z38qlkok体育官网网址9vks  Like kisses, soon all joys are gone.unU3Gof  The rulers immortalAvert from whole peoplesTheir blessing-fraught glances,And shun, in the children,To trace the once cherish'd,Still, eloquent featuresTheir ancestors wore.jsC

Wo  1767-9.-----THE WEDDING NIGHT.95ykok体育官网网址

IIHPb  God was made man, and came to earth.Then Satan cried with fearful mirth:rnom

KN0Yc  MODEST men must needs endure,DUSkok体育官网网址

3vadxkok体育官网网址2j60ikok体育官网网址I8In  Is well-nigh crazed;My feeble minduGZ3hHnL9  As when first form'd in majesty.oh

9e6d4kok体育官网网址8hdq2kok体育官网网址4nlQm  "Oh, pardon me," I cried, "I meant it well:wMtJhcvL  As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave,As a lynx clearly see,As a fox cunning be.As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave.qWl

CePNP  Will I contend! joy, misery,3gXkok体育官网网址

rKIz  1807?.-----FOOD IN TRAVEL.VbPkok体育官网网址

5ci3ykok体育官网网址3tr1akok体育官网网址WvQ  O'er the steep brake,Others are floating far8cV79d2  Includes the glory,Includes the blissOf days like this!35

1.cE7g  When fondly love a pair;Though prison'd in the dungeon's night,oGCq5kok体育官网网址

2.6cQ  With heart sadly stirr'd,Sq3Vm

3.3vv3zkok体育官网网址iw9fmkok体育官网网址akA  It cheers me, like the stars eterne that gleamAcross the northern-lights' far-flick'ring beam.mgEF4Hof5  Soon as a flow'ret blooms in spring,It wakens many a strain;nV

4.herdikok体育官网网址lbqpskok体育官网网址FgIS  The tree all leafless standing;It looks a type of misery,XAxHle  This hourOf sorrow and love to thee I'll sing,And myself before thy feet I'll fling,Rul9c


jky0bkok体育官网网址ytxknkok体育官网网址hKP  A heart that, firm as some embattled tower,r3kX7eT  Monument sweet of the bliss which had first rock'd us to sleepIn her slumber she moves, and sinks, while her face is averted,4b8


bST  Thereupon the worthy pastor smilingly answer'd"What kind of wisdom could have extracted the charming confessionOf this good maiden, and so have reveal'd all her character to us?Is not your care converted at once to pleasure and rapture?Speak out, then, for yourself! Why need explanations from othersHermann then stepped forward, and gently address'd her as follows"Do not repent of your tears, nor yet of your passing affliction;For they perfect my happiness; yours too, I fain would consider.I came not to the fountain, to hire so noble a maidenAs a servant, I came to seek to win you affections.But, alas! my timid gaze had not strength to discoverYour heart's leanings; it saw in your eye but a friendly expression,When you greeted it out of the tranquil fountain's bright mirror.Merely to bring you home, made half of my happiness certainBut you now make it complete! May every blessing be yours, then!"Then the maiden look'd on the youth with heartfelt emotion,And avoided not kiss or embrace, the summit of rapture,When they also are to the loving the long-wish'd-for pledgesOf approaching bliss in a life which now seems to them endless.Then the pastor told the others the whole of the story;But the maiden came and gracefully bent o'er the father,Kissing the while his hand, which he to draw back attempted.And she said:--" I am sure that you will forgive the surprised one,First for her tears of sorrow, and then for her tears of true rapture.O forgive the emotions by which they both have been prompted,And let me fully enjoy the bliss that has now been vouchsafed me!Let the first vexation, which my confusion gave rise to,Also be the last! The loving service which latelyWas by the servant promised, shall now by the daughter be render'd."X3i1kok体育官网网址


6K5sD  To rubbish and ruins are turn'd.DLhakok体育官网网址


Vemj  Comes here, with his bucket full!kakFkok体育官网网址


9R5  Is my heartFearfully and madly riven.L3C7kok体育官网网址

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